Trenching Services


Plan ahead and stay safe when trenching

Trenching is not a job to be taken lightly or done without planning.  It can be dangerous and difficult, depending on your location, the type of ground you’re working with, and knowledge (or lack thereof) of what lies under the topsoil.  Although a person could rent out equipment and attempt this feat themselves, contacting a professional not only guarantees that everyone stays safe, but also ensures that the job is completed with simplicity and ease.


We understand electrical hazards—it’s what we do

At Alden Electric, trenching services come part and parcel with our expertise.  Because we’re licensed and trained electricians, we understand the hazards of buried lines and have the know-how to get them properly marked and therefore avoid a potential disaster.


During construction, renovation, or simply running some new pipe or lines, the last item you need to deal with is an emergency electrical or gas run-in because of unpreparedness or lack of experience.  Keep your projects running efficiently by having the expert trenching services at Alden Electric on hand.


No project is too small or large

Alden Electric has the capabilities to tackle any trenching situation. With both a cable plow and a trencher we are able to take on both small and large trenching projects. We are knowledgeable on the steps required to have locates completed and would be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can.


We proudly provide trenching services in Wisconsin, and frequently assist in Webb Lake, WI, Siren, WI, and span out into northwest WI.


Remember, before you tackle your next job that requires trenching, contact Alden Electric.  Large or small, residential trenching or commercial trenching, we’re eager to keep your job running smoothly and lend a hand with our trenching equipment and expertise.