Light Commercial Electrician

If you’re looking for licensed Wisconsin electricians to do light commercial electrical work, look no further than Alden Electric.  Our wide range of experience and expert workmanship on each project makes us an excellent choice for any light commercial work.


Not only have we installed extensive lighting services as well as wiring for various large appliances, we have the skill set to tackle new construction, business signs, high output fluorescent lighting and LED packs, and so much more.  We will also help you get your electrical set up for large banquets or street dances.


In addition to installing, repairing, and/or setting up whatever your electrical needs specify, Alden Electric will also come alongside of you to help you become more energy efficient.  This is not only helpful to the environment, it also keeps your energy bill under control so that you can focus on running a successful business without the added stress of massive utility bills each month.


The sky truly is the limit with Alden Electric:  contact us today with whatever light commercial needs you may have and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way that we can!


As you can see below, Alden Electric has a great deal of experience working in the commercial electrical field.


Some of our customers have included:


*Restaurants *County Highway Department
*Retail Stores *Telephone Company
*Motels *Laundromat
*Grocery Stores *Car Garage
*Apartments *Ball field
*Churches *Sawmills
*Factories  *Car washes


Some of the different services we have provided for these customers are:

  • All electrical work for new construction
  • Installation of security lighting
  • Wiring for business signs
  • Assisting businesses in becoming more energy efficient
  • Installation of/repairing cooler fans, compressors, dryers, motors, motor starters, welders and services
  • Installation of high output fluorescent lighting and LED packs
  • Installation of air purifiers, lift pumps, wells for manmade ponds, step-up/step-down transformers, humidity controllers, thermostats
  • Wiring for walk-in coolers
  • Getting power to sound systems for street dances/large banquets
  • Wiring for car washes